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Events at Schloss Prielau 2020

Ash Wednesday's Fish Buffet

Wednesday, 26. February 2020

Prielau Castle Concert

Saturday, 14. March 2020

Schloss Prielau was first documented in 1425, with a Christian Glaser zu Prielau named. In the 16th century the castle was rebuilt and gained the design it keeps today.  

Over the following centuries, Schloss Prielau changed owners many times. The last prince bishop to use the castle was Sigmund Christoph von Zeil and Trauchburg. His emblem can still be seen today at the castle gate.

In 1932 Gerti von Hofmannsthal, the widow of Hugo von Hofmannsthal, bought the estate and restored the castle. In the Second World War the family was dispossessed and sculptor Josef Thorak was able to acquire the castle. After the war the Hofmannsthal family then had their estate returned.

In 1987 the Porsche family bought the property and converted the castle into a hotel. 

Since 2004 the castle has been managed by Anette and Andreas Mayer, who treat guests at the hotel and Mayer’s gourmet restaurant. 

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